Hardware development

  • Schematics design
  • Layout design
  • Production of PCBs and SMT assembly

Experts in the development and production of hardware

We design all our devices in their entirety, from the schematics via the layout to managing both the production and the assembly of the PCBs, using surface mount technology (SMT).

Layout design
Fabricación de PCB
SMT assembly
End product assembled in shell


  • FPGA Coding (in VHDL and VERILOG)
  • C Coding for microcontrollers (ARMs)
  • C / C++ / C# coding language

We develop software for embedded systems based on FPGAs and ARMs, in addition to desktop applications

Low-level coding of embedded systems

We create all the software in our devices, in VHDL and Verilog for FPGAs and in C for ARM microcontrollers.

High level application coding

Our devices come with high level applications developed in C, C++ and C#.


  • Design of pieces for mould injection
  • Production of all kinds of pieces

We design all the pieces that give form to our products

We turn our designs, created in CAD, into the moulds from which the plastic pieces come; after the production process they hold our PCBs.

Design in CAD
Injected piece
End product assembled


  • Design of boxes, manuals and graphics
  • Development of dies
  • Production of all kinds of material

Because we like taking care of the tiniest detail

We have our own graphic design studio

Not only is it important to develop a good product, but also how to present it. We take special care of the design of our packaging and the rest of the graphics that come with our products..

We produce with the best partners in the sector

All our work is done with top quality materials, to achieve perfect finishing and match the level of our products.


  • PCBs
  • SMT assembly
  • Plastic injection moulding
  • Packaging
  • Graphics

We make our ideas real

We produce each and every part of our products in direct collaboration with our suppliers, carrying out an exhaustive quality control in all production phases in order to provide the best possible quality.

Production of PCBs, SMT assembly
Plastic injection moulding
Packaging and graphics